LPV RG Colorado Power Upgrade
  • LPV RG Colorado Power Upgrade

    LPV RG Colorado Power Upgrade
    - Pedal Unit
    - Power Chip
    • Details

      torqit Performance Modules increase power and torque by up to 35% giving drivers more power when towing heavy loads. Increased power and torque also provides effortless and safer overtaking when driving also resulting in a fuel saving of up to 15%

      The module operates independently of the ECU thus leaving no imprint on the ECU. Every torqit Performance Module is specifically programmed for your model, make and engine type, installation is seamless and fast as the module is simply plugged into existing factory componentry.< p>

      When a vehicles engine is working hard, for example towing a heavy load up a hill, the injector module microprocessor will ease off the amount of fuel the module delivers, keeping diesel engine temperatures at safe levels.

      All torqit Performance Modules are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and exhaustively tested in Australia for tough Australian conditions.

      Peace of mind provided by way of a New Vehicle and Driveline Warranty Supported by a 30 day money back Guarantee and 3 year Manufacturers Warranty, Performance Modules are backed and supported by the torqit Technical Team
    $1,910.00 Regular Price
    $1,600.00Sale Price